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Get confident with your food choices for health and fueling performance.



Do you feel like you've tried every diet and nothing seems to work?
Feeling guilty about food choices?
Tired of constantly being on and off diets?
Trying to juggle diet for medical conditions and sport?
Want to learn how to attain the nutrients YOU need to fuel your body?
Then I am happy you found me.
Nutrition problems can arise at any point in one's life.  New supplements, popular diets, and misinformation run rampant.  The athlete is just as vulnerable as the general public to the media and marketer's messages.
Without the proper amount and type of fuel, it will be a long road for an athlete to achieve peak performance and recovery.  As a Sports Dietitian, I can help take an athlete’s performance to the next level. Nutrition is often the last component an athlete thinks about but it can be a game changer in their performance. Young athletes tend to be under fueled and run out of energy come time for performance. Female athletes tend toward energy deficiency leading to reduced performance and subsequent health issues. All athletes can fall prey to supplement marketing and fad diets.

Besides expertise in sports nutrition, I am also well versed in medical issues including diabetes, IBS, or celiac disease.  


I work virtually with recreational, elite, and aspiring athletes across New Brunswick and Canada.  

Book today for an effective and highly personalized coaching session to meet your needs and goals.

Hi! I'm Holly Heartz

I'm a Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist.  I help athletes by providing practical advice based on sound scientific principles. My background in exercise physiology and sport science, medical nutrition therapy, along with sport specific nutrition recommendations helps athletes attain their goals.

My personal interest in nutrition was initiated during my teens with a desire to fit in with the body norms observed in my peers. I was always trying to "slim down". Exercise wasn't cutting it and I didn't have a firm understanding how food could help. This frustration sparked my desire to further my understand.

Years later, I continue to be as active as possible and eat foods for their nutritional components...not just to attain the body I desire. I see many athletic and non-athletic women who fall into the same category of desiring a specific body and not able to attain it.

Improving your relationship with food to live life to the fullest.

Contact Holly
Personalized nutrition recommendations based on your DNA (testing 70 genetic markers).  Learn how your genes can affect recover, injury risk, motivation, metabolism, mental focus, eating habits, pain tolerance, aerobic capacity, food intolerances, body composition, nutrient requirements, & exercise performance.
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